Better Now / Greg Cote & the Real Life Friends Split

by Better Now

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released June 30, 2017

Lillian Cormack - Vocals
Louis Lopez - Guitars/Vocals
Alex Weymier - Bass
Addison Nelson - Drums

All songs recorded at Civil Recording in Denton, TX in November 2016
All songs tracked, mixed, and mastered by Michael Briggs
All songs produced by Better Now and Michael Briggs

Album Art by Kyle McCoy

Released by Close Quarter Coalition



all rights reserved


Better Now Fort Worth, Texas

Punk/emo/alternative band from north Texas.


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Track Name: Back Pains
I'm breaking out
I'm breaking out

It's been a week since I've opened my eyes, falling further and further out of touch
Steady crave for a drip in my life, another vice i'm abusing too much
Maybe i crave it cause maybe it hurts
Maybe this is less than a life I deserve
Maybe I don't care if I make it much longer
It must be irrational cause it's all in my head

I can't feel anything and I never smile,
Been burning my body in the rain for a while
Craving touches so deep I can't sleep in my own bed anymore
I live in a hole being buried in my shit
pile on the reasons I wish I was dead
Cut the restraints off my mind so I can walk again
I can't keep holding myself together, too many pieces I've already lost

I'm breaking out
I'm breaking out
Track Name: Fim Duture
Times a long drive, roaming your life and you're the only one awake.
A dim future lit by the headlights it's the night you can't escape
I've been running for a bit too long,
I'm not tryin that anymore

Ooh ooh ooooh x2

I'm sorry that I've never been good enough
One step at a time and I keep screwing this up
Living breath to breath isn't worth the rush
When There's nothing for me here

But even now I can't stop trying to find something better

I'm reaching out but there's nothing there
Am I giving up, or do I just not care?
And if it was worth starting everything over, another day that I won't stay sober,
Hellbent on holding my breath too long

I'm always guilty of saying too much
There's always something wrong that they see
They all act as if they give a fuck,
And they keep asking

Why are you cryin?
(I've got a rush like I'm late to being sane again)
Why are holding your head down?
(An aging spiral walks me up and wears my mind thin)
I can't believe I've turned myself against my own will, holding the knife to my throat

I don't deserve all the space in your head
Keep Looking for answers I never wanted you to hear
And I hope it was worth the strain i put on your heart